Dec 2, 2009

Collective Management Should Not be the Source of Monopoly Earnings

This is a Column essay in Chinese, published in 21cn Economic Post (GuangZhou). Here is a brief English abstract.

Abstract: China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA) filed a law suit against SuperStar Co. (a KaraOK service company) on the breach of contract. CAVCA is a national-wide copyright management organization to the audio-visual products in China. The contract says the CAVCA licenses the the copyrights of all the MTV works that it managed to the SuperStar. The SuperStar should pay the money to an account "designated by TianHe Inc." Tianhe Group is a company established in 2007, and it's only job is to manage the MTV copyright under the CAVCA's authorization. This article recalled the aim of the collective copyright management, and questioned the legitimacy of such authorization.

The full-text and the machine translation by Microsoft Translator can be accessed at here (alert! the translation is really terrible).

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