Dec 3, 2009

Fighting Google Unarmed?

China Association of Copyright on Literature Works (CACLW), the governmental authorized org for collective copyright management) is searching the books which are scanned by Google, and calling Chinese authors either sign the GoogleBookSettlement or join CACLW's collective legal action.

The following are the lists of the authors whose works are scanned by Google, collected (seems manually) by CACLW. And today the third list is published. Besides, the lists are published on the webiste of China Association of Writers, which is actually not the authorized collective management organization in China. Why not the website of CACLW itself? Because the CACLW's website seems passed out because of technical problems ... Unarmed fighting?

The calling was announced in October before the revised google settlment was submitted. While it seems there is no where noticing that the revision of the settlement has excluded the foreign works ... 

image   image

image image

BTW, According to China's Regulations to the Collective Copyright Management, the establishment of a collective managment organization should fulfill some qualifications before approved by the State Copyright Administration Office. When googleing the news, I see very confusing news, from the China Association of Writers' website, the CACLW was just celebrating its establishment on 1 Sept. 2009. But based on my understanding from other sources, the CACLW has celebrated its setup once in last Oct ... What's the hell are they doing?

Let's see what will happen ...

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