Sep 16, 2009

BBC: the Global Growth of Broadband 1999-2011

BBC published an interactive map showing the growth of broadband
connection from 1999 to 2011.

Canada seems to be the earliest country that the broadband is populized. In Asia, South Korea is the early bird, even earlier than Japan (Let's utter a deep sigh for North Koreans).

It is really a great archievement for China - although until now maybe just around 10% of inhabitants in China are using broadband, don't forget that means more than 100 million... while at the same time let's sigh again out a greater thing in China: GFW.

Plus, see the submarine broadband cables, Hong Kong is definitely a hub of communication to the world, as it has always been for more than 100 years.


Thanks Carolina Rossini for passing on this map via Berkman's mailist.

Sep 8, 2009

WTO WT/DS363 Information Center 信息中心

This is a collection of the materials on WT/DS363: Measures Affecting Trading Rights and Distribution Services for Certain Publications and Audiovisual Entertainment Products. The Panel Report has been published on 12 Aug. 2009. China appeals the case to the the Appellate Body. The Appellate Body Report was issued on 21 December 2009. please Bookmark this page or subscribe BLawgDog for update.

本日志为WTO争端解决案件 《DS363 中国 – 关于影响贸易权利的措施和影响若干出版物及娱乐音像产品的分销服务的措施》 的中英文信息汇总。专家组报告(点此)于2009年8月12日公布,WTO上诉机构的最终裁决也已于2009年12月21日作出(点此查看).请收藏本页或订阅法豆获取最新资讯。
English Materials:

Europe as the third party:
Australia as the third party: