Sep 30, 2008

KunWei Institute for Law and Social Development


KunWei Institute for Law and Social Development (KunWei) is a non-governmental, non-profit and grass-roots research organ in China. By providing independent, in-depth, as well as informative research outputs for governmental and non-governmental organizations, KunWei focuses its research on the emergence of rule of law and the corresponding social development in China and Asia.


The institute is jointly founded by a few young active researchers who have diverse research backgrounds but hold the same comprehensions to the approaches of social study. We believe firstly that the culture diversity is not only a fact but also an essential to a healthy society, and a sound social observation must be conducted with a combination of several specialized researches. Secondly, the law and the social development are interactive. Thirdly, a theory must be carefully examined before it is transplanted from one culture to another.

The co-founders of KunWei are:

  • WANG Qi-Liang (Institute Director & Team Leader for Social Control and Legal Reform)
    Associate Professor in Yunnan University (YNU)
    PhD in Anthropology, LLB, LLM (YNU), Post-Doctoral (Huazhong U. of Sci. and Tech.)
  • LEE Na (Team Leader for Gender, Law and Development)
    Lecturer in Kunming U. of Sci. & Tech.
    LLM in Law and Social Science (London School of Economics & Political Science), LLB, LLM (YNU)
  • LEE Ya (Team Leader for Economics)
    Lecturer in YNU
    PhD in Economics, MSc, BSc (YNU)
  • WANG Hong-Jun
    Associate Professor in Yunnan U. of Finance & Economics, Visiting Scholar in U. of Victoria.
    PhD Cand. in Law (China U. of Int’l Business & Economics), LLM (YNU)
  • DONG Hao (Team Leader for Intellectual Property and Social Development)
    Lecturer in YNU, Visiting Research Fellow of Center for IP Research at CUPL
    PhD Cand. in Law (City U. of Hong Kong), LLB, LLM (YNU)
  • HU Shi-Lin
    Research Fellow in Yunnan Law Institute
    LLM, LLB (YNU)
  • ZHANG Jian-Yuan
    LLM, LLB (YNU)


KunWei is registered as a non-profit organ in Kunming, which is the provincial capital of Yunnan. Yunnan remains a rare diverse culture of multi-nationalities. Taking this advantage, we can elaborate our research with concrete field works economically. At the same time, our research topics are not limited to the local issues. Besides the office in Kunming, research fellows of KunWei are frequently visiting and / or studying in many other institutes such as LSE, China U. of Politics and Law, Leiden, City U. of Hong Kong, etc. This assured the universality of our research perspectives and the timely update of our own knowledge.


With either specialized or multi-disciplinary approaches, research projects are operated in an efficient way. Any research project will be firstly assigned to the most relevant research team, and then the specific team leader will organize and / or supervise the progresses of the research works. The team leaders of KunWei are highly experienced in the academic legal and social science research in Chinese communities. By the end of each project, the research outcomes are all reviewed strictly to ensure their accuracy, arguable and assurance. Together with academic outputs, a professional formal report including management issues of the project will be provided.

Currently, KunWei is specifically paying its attention to the following aspects:

  • Social Control and Legal Reform (Especially in Ethnical Minority Communities)
  • Public Domain, Intellectual Property Law and the Social Development in China
  • Gender, Law and Women’s Development in China
  • Public Health and the Rule of Law
  • Spatial Economics and the Regional Development
  • Anti-Corruption and the Efficiency of the Government


+86-871-6956-759 (P. R. China)
+852-9834-3246 (Hong Kong)


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Sep 29, 2008

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