Mar 25, 2008

A Mature Public Sphere of Chinese People

Simon Elegant is a reportor of TIME. He and his colleagues write a "China Blog" in the Time's website. On 23 March, he wrote a post "A Little History" on the Tibet with absurd logic and ridiculous understanding of China and Chinese.

Then, the commentaries come. Some of them are of extreme in the tune, but most of them are righteous, calm, reaonable, and perfectly expressed. I recommend everyone read the commentaries, they are far more valuable than Simon's ignorant post.

This is a lesson to Simon, Time and every western journalist. They are too arrogant and this arrogrance is also cheating their western readers. They are making the world conflict. Their single-line minds lead the nationlism expand.

Fortunately, they undervalued the intelligence of Chinese people. These commenaties proved again a mature public sphere of Chinese people is forming, at least among those Chinese people can write poor English. They know west far more than the westerners know China. I am proud of them.

Read Simon's post and the commenaries by CLICKING here.

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