Jan 12, 2008

Center for Intellectual Property Studies at China University of Political Science and Law

Center for Intellectual Property Studies at China University of Political Science and Law

Founded and directed by Prof. ZHANG Chu, the Center for Intellectual Property Studies (CIPS) at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)was established in July 2005. Currently, more than twenty research fellows are working for CIPS. Each staff holds or held professional positions in prestigious institutes, , i.e. CUPL, Beihang University (BUAA), Beijing Normal University and so forth.

Professor ZHANG Chu, Director of the CIPS, is one of the most well-known Chinese experts in IP Law, E-commerce and Information & Technology Law. Before getting his PhD from CUPL in 2000, he was a visiting scholar in Columbia University in the City of New York. Besides his position in CIPS, he is the dean of Science and Technology Department of CUPL. At the same time, he is also the director of Z-Park CUPL Branch (Science and Technology Service Park of Zhongguancun), which is the first non-profit organization of legal service for Hi-tech industry in mainland China.

Based on in-depth academic studies of the leading edge of IP law, CIPS focuses its practical research on IP strategies and the application of IP law. CIPS has successfully completed more than 20 projects assigned by various governmental and private institutes such as the-National Social Science Fundation, the PRC Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, the PRC State Intellectual Property Office, Beijing Information Office, Beijing Intellectual Property Office, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright, China Mobile Communications Corporation, etc. CIPS’ researchers have also provided valuable advisory opinions for Chinese national IP and IT policies as well as legislations throughout the years.

CIPS publishes an academic journal entitled “IP Frontiers”(《知识产权前沿报告》), which presents most updated findings in arenas of IP and IT law. . Furthermore, three authoritative textbooks have been accomplished by CIPS staff: “Intellectual Property Law” (《知识产权法》, Higher Education Press 2007), “Electronic Commerce Law”(《电子商务法》, Chinese People’s University Press 2003-2007) and “Cyberspace Law”(《网络法》, Tsinghua University Press). , , . All of them are designated as the " 11th Five-Year Plan" State Textbooks Series for general higher education in China. Moreover, CIPS runs an academic website named as “Intellectual Property Lab” (www.newiplaw.com), which has a wide prominence among IP research sphere in China.

CIPS is dedicating itself into the coherence of IP practice, , legal education and academic research. CIPS has creatively engaged taught and research activities in IP Commonwealth services for Hi-tech industry. CIPS is conducting a serial of projects at comprehensive monitoring of global IP development and distribution of industrial standards. Updated information of the competitive situation of high tech in IP issues is continuously provided. By these projects, CIPS can evaluate competitive status of specific industry with the relevance to IP. CIPS can also provide IP alerts to industries as well asclear IP barriers for Chinese industries and relevant infrastructures, as well as propose and supervise the implementation of IP strategy for industries Additionally, CIPS can conduct patentability researchand provide defensive searches for enterprises. Furthermore, CIPS provides IP clearance and case advisories for small and medium-sized enterprises. Last but not least, several conferences, seminars and workshops on IP are held by CIPS from time to time.

CIPS has actively participated in academic and professional activities both nationally and internationally. We have engaged in academic relationships with institutes in the US, Germany, South Korea and so forth. Meanwhile, CIPS is constantly inviting prominent scholars and experts with governmental and non-governmental background taking lectures in the campus of CUPL. CIPS’ visiting scholar program is opening for both Chinese and abroad experts all year round..
Address: Center for IP StudiesRoom 101 CUPL Press Bd., No.25 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100088, P.R. China Tel: +86-10-58908009 Fax: +86-10-58908007Website: http://www.newiplaw.com E-mail: iplaw@newiplaw.com

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