Sep 14, 2007

Bad News - Some One Proposed to Deny Accesses from Governmental Network in A BBS

Yesterday, a post calling for a joint blocking of IP addresses belonging to governmental networks, copyright organizations and national gateways was published in "". V2EX is a famous web 2.0 Chinese community, which is believed to be blocked by G.F-W recently. This website, built by Livid Torvalds (Liu Xin), an excellent programmer born in Kunming, provides discussion boards service in a creative way. This new "BBS" attracts a great amount of visitors in a short period.

V2EX is believed to be blocked on 5 September under a storm of Internet Controlling. It remains not clear that which department of China's government is in charge of the whole action, while perhaps the storm is mainly for "creating a stabilization" before the 17th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party.

The author of the post suggest Chinese individual webmasters collect IP addresses of governmental networks, copyright organizations, judicial organs and other networks or servers may be employed to operate the so called "G-F.W".

THIS IS A BAD NEWS. Because this implies a possible upgrade of the tension between government and netizens. The similar upgrades have happened before in China, and some of them led to tragic finales. Fortunately, the calling in this post may not be successful since it is very hard to define which IP address should be banned, and a joint activity is too difficult to be practiced. Nevertheless, from the legal perspective, to ban any access to one's own website dose not violate the law, unless a new law claims that [b]any visisting[/b] from IP addresses in governmental network shall not be denied accessing to any database. If this becomes true, nothing can be better than leave the jurisdiction of such law because that is really an irreversible upgrade, i.e., "Matrix Reloaded" comes true.

I hope it never happens.

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